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Mobile Design & Development

South Africa has one of the highest market penetrations of cellphones in the world, analysts have estimate it to be around 80% of the population. As a marketing medium, this direct access to otherwise usually inaccessible market segments makes cellphone based commumication and advertising very attractive.  South Africa ranks first in Africa and 17th in the world in terms of the number of mobile-phone users.

MMS Advertising

MMS enabled handsets are now sufficiently available that they are now a viable advertising medium.  The response rates are very competitive and unsubribe / drop rates are usually under 2%.

MMS can be used to send audio, video and full colour imagery or advertising.  Used strategically MMS's are ideal for 'viral' campaigns and for sending cellphone related content to a customer base.

  • Image / Video / Audio advertising or clips
  • Cellphone related media content

Mobi Sites (Mobile phone optimised websites)

With an estimated monthly user base of 9.5 million, cell phone based internet access and use is on the rise.  It is no longer uncommon for someone to check their email, update their facebook and check the weather while on the go.  A well designed mobi site can act as a direct advertising entry point to a large, sophisticated and financially viable market segment.  Most importantly, it is estimated that around 70% percent of mobile phone internet users do not have access to a computer!

Mobi sites can contain the same elements as a traditional website and can include database backends and statistic tracking.

  • Mobi site design
  • Advanced mobi sites with database backends
  • Competition and product catalog mobi sites
  • Intranet integrated mobi sites

Mobile Application Development

We develop mobile applications for Android and Apple iOS as well as various tablets based on these platforms

  • Custom cellphone games
  • Custom mobile application development
  • Integrated campaigns (mobi sites, application and other combined media)
  • Marketing and product catalogs


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