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High impact Multimedia opens a new gateway for communicating your message to your target audience. Multimedia has the advantages of many other media and marketing techniques but very few disadvantages.  Multimedia can be delivered in digital download, CD, DVD or even as a desktop application.

Promotional Material

  • Interactive product catalogues and other advertising


  • Interactive presentation CDs and DVDs
  • Architectural walkthroughs & presentations
  • Scientific presentations
  • Simulation presentations

Conference and Exhibition

  • Conference Media CD’s and presentations with full conference audio recordings
  • Conference document transformation & conversion
  • Self-Running exhibition (and kiosk) presentations
  • Interactive exhibition (and kiosk) presentations


  • Interactive Training Presentations
  • Computer Based Training (CBT)
  • Staff Incentive Programmes
  • CPD (continued professional development)


  • Multi-Zone Video, Audio, Data and Multimedia DVD Authoring


  • Highend Multimedia for use on multiple operating systems including Microsoft Windows and Macintosh OS X+


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